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Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC
Gender Analysis
Involvement of Women in APEC
Sharing experiences on the Involvement in Internaional Affairs
The Training for Women
Sex-Disaggregated Data

to Participate in International Occasions

To share the experiences in the participation of APEC gender-related meetings, to exchange them with domestic practices, and to facilitate the Gender Focal Point in Chinese Taipei and people served on women groups to identify the development and contribution of APEC gender/economy-related issues so that effective working models could be developed, Chinese Taipei plans to hold workshops and conferences for people from industries, academia, and public departments to study international issues after annual ministerial meetings or GFPN meetings.  In addition, to enhance women’s abilities to participate in international affairs, Chinese Taipei is going to hold intensive training programs for young women in universities and colleagues, and sisters in women groups.  These programs will contain the simulation of international conferences, etiquette in meetings, English in meetings, rules of procedure, and so on to cultivate female new blood for international ambassadors.
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