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The related strategy of World Bank was developed by its Gender and Development Board, and endorsed by the full Board of Executive Directors on September 18, 2001.  The objectives of the strategy is reducing poverty, enhancing economical growth and improving human well-being.  Consequently, the World Bank would like to cooperate with governments and civil society in client countries to recognize the gender-based inequality and further establish a more effective, country-specific strategy.  In the process, the Country Gender Assessment (CGA), a country-level gender analysis figuring out the possible gender-responsive actions to achieve the objectives in the local context, plays a key role in the effect of the strategy.  These actions which the integration of gender into the WB’s work rests on are:

(1)Integrating gender into relevant analytical work and lending instruments;
(2)Supporting the Strategic integration of gender issues into operations.  For example, WB can adopt the gender-related training as well as operational tools, and build capacity in implementing agencies;(3)Aligning resources (budget, accountabilities, staff and partnerships) with the elements of the strategy;
(4)Monitoring and evaluation.

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