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To catch up on gender mainstreaming, another international body Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) raised an action program in 2001, addressing gender in two dimensions: mainstreaming gender into the substantive work, and furthering equal opportunities and gender balance on the staff.  The former dimension requires gender analysis to explore the value added by the integration of gender, and seed money is necessary to implement the integrating work.  The initial areas of focus are employment, and small and medium enterprise.  The latter concerns about gender equality at all levels including recruitment, promotion, retention, work/family life balance, childcare, harassment and other gender-related issues affecting staff’s performance.  The gender co-coordinator program of work at the OECD in 2004 is as the following

(1)Gender Mainstreaming: Gender integrated into small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship; follow-up on gender and employment from Ministerial meeting; integration of gender perspectives in child care analysis and supervision on the inputs.

(2)Partnerships: finding member governments such as Electronic Gender Network and strengthening connection with other organizations like World Bank, WHO, and so on.

(3)Gender Equality: holding seminar series on gender equality, designing mentoring program, integrating gender into additional training programs, continuously monitoring of gender in recruitment, and developing an evaluation system of gender equality

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