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Micro-credit and Grameen Bank

To provide women a friendly financial service run by women, US initiated the idea of Women’s Angel Fund.  The fund intends to offer small no-interest loans for women’s education and training, business and family purposes and Community/ group projects.  Its vision lies in empowering women the influence on the direction of investment in the community through an established financial asset.   To be an angel, a woman simply needs to lodge a deposit with the women’s loan fund, no interest is charged on loans and nor paid on deposits.  A donation to the fund at the end of the loan repayment is agreeable but not obligatory.  The angel money will be returned if an angel wants to surrender her angel status.  Every Angel has access to: Angel money on loan, saving facilities, business advice, budget assistance, investment information, a supportive network of women assisting women, and so on.

Another innovative women-oriented organization, Women’s World Bank, aimed at helping poor women in its member countries by providing them necessary support to build their own businesses and assets, improving her family’s living conditions.  The services Women’s World Bank provides focus on four areas: technical services, financial products and services, policy change activities, and linkages and learning services.  Since WWB continues to innovate in cutting the costs of providing microfinance services to the poor, and in developing a more responsive set of lending and savings products.  The innovations it applies recently include loan scoring methods based on clients' characteristics to predict the possibility of repayment, palm pilots by loan officers to increase the efficiency of providing microfinance services, vouchers to enable clients to access discounts from wholesalers of inputs, and radical reductions in transaction costs.  Further information please check with the web site:

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