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Chinese Taipei Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC


Chinese Taipei is truly committed to implementing “Gender Equality” into social policies and values.  In 1997, we gathered gender experts, leaders from women NGOs and governmental officials to form the Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion (CWRP).  This was a response to WLN and “gender mainstreaming.”  CWRP became the most important mechanism in charge of gender related policies.  CWRP regularly consulted the government during the process of policy making regarding gender sensitive issues.  In 2003, CWRP also established an “APEC Working Group” to integrate gender issues into APEC.  We now follow a “practice the policies” format and acknowledge the need for collecting gender disaggregated data, using it for policy analysis.

This paper is divided into five sections which discuss how Chinese Taipei integrates gender issues into APEC framework, as follows: Demography, Gender Analysis, Collection and Use of Sex-Disaggregated Data, Involvement of Women in APEC, and Other Gender Works.

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