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9th APEC WLN Best Practices
Assisting Network for Women Enterprises in Taiwan

 Number One Fairy Deer Lane Textile Workshop

 The Number One Fairy Deer Lane Textile Workshop was formed by women who suffered from the 921 Earthquake in Taiwan.  They learned stitching and sewing skills at the Jungliau Residence Recovery Station.  Later, the Station applied for subsidy from the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan for these women to start the Number One Fairy Deer Lane Textile Workshop in 2001.  The members decided to enter the free market after they ran out of government subsidy since they did not want to close the workshop.  They are a successful example which transformed from a non-profit organization to a profit-oriented industry.


The secret to their success lies in the fact that the women are able to self progress while earning profit. All of the members are mothers from the disaster area, including foreign brides and elderly women.  They may be in an unfavorable position in the labor market, but are brilliant workers in this workshop where personality is emphasized.   

The Workshop produces creative cloth crafts, and every scrap of material counts.  One furniture company has been providing small pieces of cloth for three years and many other industries gather rags for the Workshop.  They created a ‘cloth-material database’ which lists the quality and price of different materials to control costs, and the following is a brief description of their business model:

They hope it will provide more working opportunities for disadvantaged groups....(more)


‘Otoro’ Bluefin Tuna- The story of two Pingdung women

Shin-chuen Shiu and Ju-yi Jeng are two women from Pingdung County and have made a name for themselves by selling air-tight packages of bluefin tuna online.  They are one of many women who have started their own business online while attending to family matters at the same time.  Their names have become a logo for the product which means ‘everything goes well in the new year’.


Shin-chuen comes from a fisherman family and is familiar with the family business.  Ru-yi, on the other hand, has at least ten years of direct selling experience and attended a women entrepreneur guidance course organized by the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan.  She bought her first computer, learning about the internet and basic computer skills.  Shin-chuen mentioned a technique to Ru-yi one time which required fresh bluefin tuna to be sealed air-tight in minus zero temperature, preserving the taste and texture so that people could enjoy it during off season as well.  They combined their expertise and formed ‘Otoro’ online.


Shin-chuen later joined Ru-yi in class, learning about how to start their own business and self-promotion.  They were able to sell sealed bluefin tuna online which proved to be popular as it is seen as a delicacy especially among sashimi lovers.  Later, they changed their website platform with the assistance of Soho Mall and comic book artist Yan-jung Shiau, boosting sales and promotion.  They have also created other products such as bluefin tuna moon cakes, coral banded shrimp and oilfish.


While their online performance continues to rave, they have opened their own store ‘By the Sea’ which offers beer and coffee, along with their most prized product, the bluefin tuna.  It is also their head quarters, including an exhibition hall and audio visual center upstairs.  They now give lectures to encourage other housewives to start their own business....(more)


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