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Gender in APEC
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Gender Focal Point Network(GFPN)
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Meeting of GFPN
GFPN in Chinese Taipei
The 1th Meeting of GFPN in Chinese Taipei

    In 1998 Leaders endorsed the recommendations of the First Ministerial Meeting on Women which was held in Makati, Philippines on 15-16 October 1998. The recommendations included the development of a Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC. Accordingly in 1999 the SOM Ad-hoc Advisory Group on Gender Integration (AGGI) developed the Framework which was subsequently endorsed by Leaders/Ministers in Auckland, New Zealand in October 1999. The AGGI was tasked to complement the responsibility and accountability of individual APEC fora for the implementation of the Framework and provide recommendations on the next steps in gender integration and further implementation of the Framework.

    In order to enforce the Framework for the Integration of Women into Chinese Taipei, the Commission on Women's Rights Promotion (CWRP) had decided in the 19th Meeting that there must be a Gender Focal Point appointed in every governmental Section to integrate gender mainstreaming into the process of policy making. The rank of the Gender Focal Point must be above the chief Section. To have a better understanding of the work and responsibility of the Gender Focal Point, the Ministry of the Interior would hold「The Meeting of Gender Focal Points」every year.

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