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September 2002


APEC Projects related to Gender Integration (2003-2004)


 Supporting Potential Women Exporters” is a study of existing mechanisms and initiatives that support and promote the involvement of marginalized women producers in international trade. The review would include a focus on innovative approaches that respond to the information technology needs of women producers for export activity. The study will develop recommendations for follow-up projects for APEC or other international organizations to support potential. CTI 34/2003T (Canada)


The overall goal of the project “The Economic Contributions of Women and Men in APEC Economies: The Need for Sex-Disaggregated Data” is to facilitate more effective policy development by better delineating the areas where women and men participate in the economic activities of the APEC region. The proposed study will identify reporting limitations caused by the absence of sex-disaggregated data and make recommendations for improvements in data collection and analysis. The ability to characterize the economic activity of women who represent half the population is critical to addressing barriers to their participation in the economy. Current data gaps make it difficult to identify the areas where women are not well represented or are disproportionately represented. Data gaps of this type and significance allow distortions in policy and business environments and make policy interventions a challenge. SOM 01/2003T (USA)


APEC Regional Study on Gender and Globalisation in Agriculture, this project aims to identify and analyse the gender specific opportunities and constraints in the context of globalisation, specifically with respect to access to input and output markets, financial services, technology, skills and information transfer in the area of agriculture and rural development in selected APEC economies. Participating economies will carry out studies and thus comparative analysis, and develop recommendations at both local and regional levels. The ultimate goal is to facilitate women's access to the relevant skills and resources for the promotion of gender equality in agriculture and rural development in the context of globalisation. This will involve creating an enabling policy environment, as well as a gender responsive institutional framework. ATC 03/2003 (Chile)


Gender Analysis in TPOs Activities, workshop held on 3–5 September 2003 in Santiago follow by a publication of this analysis.  The TPWG has analyzed the outcomes of this project.  TP 02/2003T (Chile)


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