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After the Asian Crisis happened in 1997, APEC started to address gender issues formally. Up to now, meetings and activities focusing on gender issues are gradually increasing. These meetings include the annual Women Leader Network, Ministerial Meeting on Women, and the conferences, workshops, etc. hold by every fora. Themes of the meetings could be gender mainstreaming, the development of human resources, micro/SMEs, the challenges and responses brought by the New Economy on women, and so forth. The Ministerial Meeting on Women hold in the Philippines in 1998 further endorsed the Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC as an important tool for the integration and evaluation of member economies’ contribution on the enhancement of women’s participation in economy. To convenient other economies to understand Chinese Taipei’s efforts and effects on gender integration, a national report on this area is essential for Chinese Taipei to participate in APEC meetings. This report is also a key reference for the comparison between other economies and Chinese Taipei in the work of gender integration.

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