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Women’s Movement in Taiwanese History


1883  The first Girl’s School in Taiwan, Tamsui Girl's School, was founded by George   Leslie Mackay.


1900  Physicians and businessmen organized “Taipei Natural Foot Society,” aiming to discourage foot-binding.


1923  The publishing of Taiwan Minbao, a publication which helped to transmit the ideas of women’s education, the abolishment of prostitution, and so forth.


1928  Women’s Division of the Taiwanese Farmers Coalition was established to advocate women’s rights.


1946  Taiwan Provincial Women’s Association was established, emphasizing on the abolition of public prostitution and advocating of women’s political participation


1971  Ms. Hsiu-lien Lu started to promote “New Feminism”.


1982  Ms. Yuan-chen Li established The Awakening magazine to advocate women’s rights.

         The Awakening was later re-organized as Awakening Foundation and became one of the most active feminist groups since the 1980s.


1984  Eugenic Protection Law was promulgated


1987  Demonstration for “Rescue the Child Prostitute,” the first large scale demonstration of the women’s movement in Taiwan.


1994  Tenth Amendment to the Constitution—Elimination of sex discrimination and promotion of substantive equality between both sexes.

         Council of Labor Affairs approved “Measures for Promoting Women’s Labor Force Participation”


1995  Feminist activist Ms. Chi-ching Shih stood for the presidential election.

         Prevention of Child and Youth Prostitution Law was promulgated


1996  Family Section of the Civil Law revised stipulations about parents' rights .


1997  The Gender Equity Committee on Education was established in the Ministry of Education.

         The Prevention of Sexual Assault Law was promulgated.

          "The Practice Program of Gender Equality Education" was approved by the Ministry of Education.

          Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion was established in the Executive Yuan.


1999  The Criminal Code on Rape was revised.

         Domestic Violence Prevention Committee was established in the Ministry of Interior.

         The “Principles for Handling Sexual Harassment and Sexual Invasion in the campus of colleges, universities, national high schools and   elementary schools” was endorsed.。

         Domestic Violence Prevention Law was promulgated.


2000  Ms. Hsiu-lien Lu was elected as the vice president

         "Regulation of the Support for the Disadvantaged Women’s Families" was endorsed。


2001  Sex-disaggregated data was approved by Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion.

         The “Policy and Practice Program of Women security” was revised to identify web  pornography, schoolgirls' prostitution and human trade  as its prevention targets.

         The Regulation of the treatment for Domestic Violence Batters was revised.

         The Women and Children Protection Line, 113, was launched.


2002  The Prevention of Sexual Assault Law was amended.

         The Articles about Couple’s Properties in the Civil Code was revised.

         Gender Equality in Employment Law was endorsed.


2003   The Children and Juvenile Welfare Law was promulgated.

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