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Best Practices
9th APEC WLN Best Practices
Assisting Network for Women Enterprises in Taiwan

     Chinese Taipei has accumulated considerable experiences in supporting policies benefit for women entrepreneurship as well as employment, and implementing the enhancement of women’s participation in the decision-making process. For instances, the Council of Labor Affairs under the Executive Yuan endorses the Gender Equality in Employment Law and promotes the Sustainable Employment Programme, Diverse Employment Programme; the National Youth Commission carried on Women Career Guidance and Women Entrepreneurship Fund; the Foundation of Women Rights Promotion and Development hosts the Promotion of Women Employment Programme and is supported by many civil societies; Homemakers Union & Co-op promotes the “Co-consumption”; P.W.R. Foundation provided Caring Services to reduce the family caring work; the Communities Association establishes the Sunshine Kitchen……they are all successful practices to improve women’s economic conditions, and create another kind of economic miracle in Chinese Taipei. Hence, to collect and systematically analyze domestic good practices and experiences of gender integration provides the guidance for women to turn over a new leaf. Meanwhile, we can also share these practices with foreign best practices to gain more inspiration.


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