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Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC
Gender Analysis
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Involvement of Women in APEC
Sex-Disaggregated Data

Gender Analysis is a significant approach to integrate women into major APEC activities and processes.  This methodology means to:

1.  Identify and recognize the differences in the lives of women and men, and the diversities among women, i.e. in their distinct circumstances, responsibilities, social relations and statuses under diverse economic, social, cultural, environmental, organizational, and political structures in each member economies or communities; 

2.  Evaluate possible influences caused by policies, programs, or projects on men and women, boys and girls;

3.  Compare how and why men and women are affected differently through the collection and use of sex disaggregated data including the qualitative and quantitative methods;

4. Integrate gender perspectives into the design, planning, implementation and evaluation progresses.

Gender Analysis could be applied at the policy or project level.  In both cases, the outcomes of the policies or projects can increase the equal economic opportunities and participation for both sexes in future growth and prosperity in economy, and further change the gender relations.

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