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Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC
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Involvement of Women in APEC
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Sex-Disaggregated Data

In 1998, the Ministerial Meeting of Women in APEC suggested to promote and encourage women to participate in all PEC for a, but data about the participation of women and men in APEC fora are scant. Based on some lists of participants in APEC meetings and activities, only about one quarter of the participants are women. 

The involvement of women in APEC means that women’s participation in all APEC fora, activitiesand projects.  Women can be the decision makers, leaders, and chairs in the committees, working groups and other APEC mechanisms to design and implement various policies and projects; they can also be the leaders and key members in research teams and conference delegations; they can even be partners and experts as individuals or representatives of organizations to provide consultants for APEC and economies.
To encourage women to participate in APEC more aggressively, the following incentives can be taken:

1. encouraging member economies and APEC for a to increase women’s involvement in activities and projects, especially as decision makers;    and to include more women in the delegations to meetings and other for a, particularly to the high level meetings such as Senior Officials, Ministers, and leaders meetings; 

2.  Look for possible factors restraining women’s participation by analyzing the current involvement of women in APEC; 

3.  Establishing an environment within APEC and member economies that will be suitable for women to participate in by the implementation of the Framework.

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