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Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC
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Sex-Disaggregated Data
Sex-Disaggregated Statistics

Sex-disaggregated data means every data that is cross-classified by sex, presenting information separately for women and men, boys and girls.  Sex-disaggregated data reflect roles, real situations, general conditions of women and men in every aspects of the society.  For instance, the literacy rate, education levels, business ownership, employment, wage differences, dependants, house and land ownership, loans and credit, and debts are all included.

Without sex-disaggregated data, it will be more difficult for us to identify the real and potential contributions of half of the population to our economy, and could hinder the development of effective policies.  Making use of sex-disaggregated data can facilitate APEC fora to plan and implement activities with effective, fair approaches beneficial for both sexes and economy.

Sex-disaggregated data can be applied to
1.  find out the different conditions of women and men, including changes over time;
2.  Consider and track the impacts of APEC activities on women and men;
3.  find out and further define the problems, and then develop options and choose the most effective and beneficial one for both sexes;
4.  more thoroughly understand the impacts of events such as the Asia Crisis on women, and then it will be beneficial for providing ways in response to the events;
5.  allocate resources and work in a fairer way;
6.  evaluate and monitor outcomes and conclusions by sex;
7.  present the progress or lack of women by indicators and regular data publications

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