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Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC
Gender Analysis
Image of Women in Chinese Taipei
Marriage and Family
Economic security and welfares
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Participations in Society and Politics
Comparisons with Other Countries
Involvement of Women in APEC
Sex-Disaggregated Data

To facilitate women to further control and identify self status, with the efforts of all members in the Commission on Women Rights’ Promotion, Images of Women in Chinese Taipei is produced to present current living conditions of women in Chinese Taipei through various related statistic data.  The Images reveals that there are three lows and highs of women in Chinese Taipei nowadays: low birth rate, low rate for the investment in education, and low employment opportunities and salaries; high victimized rate of violence, high contributions of domestic labor, and social contributions.  It means that women still have some obstacles and hindrances in the development of certain areas such as education and employment, and we should pay more attention and respect to women’s body autonomies.  However, women’s efforts and achievements on making our society better never stop, and turn to an important motivation for our society to advance further.  Their contributions should be highly appreciated and cherished.
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