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Based on the indexes issued by Development Council of UN, DGBS, Executive Yuan evaluated the indexes in Taiwan with Gender Development Index (GDI) and Gender Empowerment Measurement and found out that Taiwan ranked top in GDI among the four little dragons in Asia and number 20 in GEM globally, exceeding Japan.

I: Gender Development Index (GDI)

The indexes for GDI are: average life expectancies of women and men at the age of zero, literacy rate of adults, crude education rate and GDP averaged by purchasing power per capita.  GMI is evaluated by rate of representatives in parliaments, rate of professionals and technicians, rate of controllers and managers and GDP averaged by purchasing power per capita.

GDI indexes in each country: 0.888 in Taiwan, 0.941 (the highest) in Norway, 0.937 in the States, 0.927 in Japan, 0.724 in China, 0.875 in S. Korea, 0.886 in Hong Kong, 0.880 in Singapore.  Taiwan scored higher in literacy rate of adults and crude education rate than Hong Kong and Singapore while we did better in GDP per capita averaged by purchasing power of women than S. Korea, which is because the salaries of women are much lower than those of men in S. Korea.

Remarks:GDI (Gender Development Index)
Sources:Study on Comparisons with Foreign Countries of Statistics on Sexes and Living Status of Women in Taiwan, p. 74

II Gender Empowerment Index (GEM)

GEM indexes in each country: 0.646 in Taiwan, 0.837 (the highest) in Norway, 0.757 in the States, 0.527 in Japan, and 0.378 in S. Korea.  In HDI (Human Development Index, corresponding to GDI) issued by United Nations, Japan ranked no. 9.  However, due to the mere 10.0% of female representatives in the parliament and 9% of female controllers and managers, Japan fell to no. 33 in GEM and is outperformed by Taiwan.

Remarks:GEM (Gender Empowerment Measure)
Sources:Study on Comparisons with Foreign Countries of Statistics on Sexes and Living Status of Women in Taiwan, p. 77

III: Conclusions

Generalizing from the above, we learnt that overall, Japanese women outperformed women in Taiwan while only the development of middle class women and outstanding ones in Taiwan is better.  Business Week in November, 2003 picked up Taiwan as top of Women Power in Asia. 

Overall in the society, we do not achieve sexual equality in all aspects in Taiwan and efforts are required especially on economically disadvantaged aboriginal women, single mothers, mainland Chinese and foreign wives, elder women, and mentally retarded women. Better policies are urgently needed on nursing facilities of medium price, women health, sexual education on adolescents, violence and sexual violence, etc.

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