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The gender criteria are one of the key implementation areas of the Framework for the Integration of Women into APEC, and were developed by the SOM Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Gender Integration. They were approved by the BMC in July 2000.

In the Gender Criteria Checklist, there is a small list of questions and statements on women’s involvement in the APEC project and the impact of the project on women. As to the One Minute Introduction to Gender Criteria, it provides a snapshot of the gender criteria and 1-2 possible responses.  If you cannot complete one of the gender criteria questions, you should give a reason (and not simply state ‘not applicable’ or ‘not relevant’). Some possible examples are: there are no gender aspects to this project because …….[show why]; sex-disaggregated data is not available [and show where you looked for data and how you know that it is not available.

The gender criteria will not be scored or ranked, but to

1.  help APEC fora consider women in the design, implementation and evaluation of the  project;

2.  assist APEC fora to address any potentially negative effects on women; and 

3.  improve the documentation – and visibility of – women’s involvement in the work of APEC.

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